Tap Save in the upper right-hand corner, and iOS will import the data. To clock out, follow steps 1-2, then tap End Shift. Open Instagram → Profile tab at the bottom → Clock icon at the tap right. Tap on the clock icon, which leads you to the world clock function interface. Dec 14, 2012 · I just purchased a Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10. Dec 26, 2017 · How to Add World Clocks on Your Apple Watch. Go one-handed: iOS 13's QuickType keyboard lets you type one-handed, which is great on the bigger devices like the iPhone XS Max. From a glance, it's hard to tell whether there's 40% of the battery power left or 25%, and that can be a difference in hours of extra use. Step #2. The iPad, for example, now matches the iPhone X App Switcher and Control Center gestures. To test your network speed, visit speedtest. So this icon is actually a handy reminder that you're running your battery down Aug 12, 2015 · A tour of the Windows 10 taskbar and what its icons do. Select Bedtime option (by default it is already selected). Mar 02, 2016 · Initially, the “Clock” app opens to the “World Clock”. If white dot on iPhone screen top left corner is due to system glitch, you can fix it through iOS system recovery. There are supposed to be other badges as well, but the clock one is the only one I’ve ever encountered. May 23, 2017 · Next, you need to tap on the clock icon at the upper right corner. Tap and hold what you've typed until those characters were highlighted. If the Wi-Fi icon is there, then it's the Wi-Fi network being used. Jeremy is not the most knowledgeable guy about the iPhone so I figured that if he didn’t know what this arrow is, maybe other people would want to find it as well. It’s your all-in-one iPhone settings screen, accessible with a swipe up from the bottom of the display (or a swipe down from the top-right corner on an iPhone X or a double-tap of the Home Nov 30, 2017 · Here’s how to clear your browsing history — no questions asked Click the button represented by three vertical dots — it is located in the upper-right corner of your browser — to open a How to Get Rid of Those Red Numbers on Your iPhone Apps. Manage Alarms. The notifications area is used by the OS and by applications to notify you. Tap Clock In. Tap Clock In/Out. Click “+” symbol for creating over alarm time in the upper-right corner. Mar 07, 2019 · Well the good thing is that the Clock app itself cannot be uninstalled so we know it’s still there. Step 4. After a few seconds when I realized this, I deleted that message. The gray triangle in the very top right corner of the screen, is very likely from the background image being used. It will only appear in iOS 7 and later, and it is only present on the lock screen. They also used this functionality as examples in interviews their AI experts did more recently. To create a new alarm, tap the plus sign in the upper-right corner of the screen. In all probability you may have moved it off the the home screen and simply move it back. What matters is that you are listening to your favorite tunes at the right time. tap on the clock icon second from the right in the upper right hand corner. 1, we have a pretty clear look at how the lock screen and home screen will look on the upcoming flagship iPhone. Due to the notch placement not all of the symbols appear. Jul 08, 2018 · This article explains what the little alarm clock icon on an app means and how you can disable it. click on the iPhone icon in the top toolbar, go to Music and press Sync. Jun 21, 2017 · In the lower right of Google News videos (where I hoped to find a full screen icon) there is a rectangle with a arrow pointing to the upper right corner. I don't have a nVidia gpu, I have an AMD R7, and I can't After selecting all photos, tap the Delete button (trash icon) at the bottom-right corner of the screen to delete all selected photos at once. Anyone know what this means? The app icon also seems to be stuck there, it This icon shows up when another device is connected to your personal hotspot. Touch and hold the clock on your Home screen. If applicable, select a job title for the function you’re clocking into. and the bell icon to change your wake up time. 1 about a month ago. It will ask for confirmation to delete the photos. all the way over to the clock on the right. To set the alarm hit the clock icon in the upper right corner. This makes it so you don't feel groggy when Oct 22, 2013 · It gets handier when you tap the little icon in the upper right corner to make it full screen. However, this article discusses the “Alarm”, “Stopwatch”, and “Timer” features. I just engaged the orientation lock: it showed an indicator in the form of a padlock with a curving arrow around it to the right of the time, and to the left of the battery, bluetooth icons in the upper right-hand corner. Get free ebooks And during that state (waiting/clock icon next to message) if I delete that message, will that deleted message still be delivered to the recipient? Actually, I mistakenly sent a message to one of my contacts and luckily that time I was not connected to any network. Use a Music Alarm on Your iPhone to Wake up to Your Favorite Song. The content, which is shown there is only visible to you. Jan 19, 2018 · How to use Bedtime in the Clock app on iPhone and iPad Tap Save in the upper right corner of the screen. Step #1. built-in way the iPhone lets you do just that. It can happen to any apps you May 30, 2014 · Additional Information About the Rotation Lock on an iPhone. Touch and drag the controls to change the clock's size. That’s it. To move the clock to another Home screen, slide it to the left or right. In the upper left corner where it usually says 3G, there is a white box with a white letter V in it. It also showed me this: for the iphone 4, which didn't seem to be addressed: go to settings. If you don’t see a Bluetooth icon at all, Bluetooth is turned off. Oct 16, 2019 · Step Two: You go into the "Clock" icon on your iPhone (where you set alarms), and find the "Timer" button on the right bottom corner. With your tracker nearby, on the Fitbit app dashboard, tap the Account icon (gray’d index card icon) Tap the Blaze icon. Once the alarm sounds, tap the red Stop button (at the bottom of the screen) to stop the timer. And voilà! No more red app badges on your apps! You can look at it by clicking the little clock icon on your profile. To zoom in, zoom out and explore other regions for satellites, tap on the Planet button on the lower left corner. It’s good to know what all the iPhone icons mean so you can utilize their features or make sure at a glance that they’re turned on or off. The icon will turn green. tap it once and you're landscaping will no longer be locked! May 20, 2016 · Apple's OS is full of symbols that you might not know the meanings for, because many of the use cases for them are obscure. Here’s a cool one from redeyechicago. Hard Reset your iPhone: Press and hold the power button and the home button (volume down for iPhone 7 and 7+) and until you see the Apple logo. I have 3 of our Enterprise apps installed on an iPad Air with iOS 11 beta 2 update 1. Start the Clock app and then tap on "Alarm" at the bottom of the screen. Along with theme selection, you also have the option of tapping "Carrier Text" on the upper right corner of the screen to enter a customized text to replace carrier's name. Tap on 'Done' to complete the alarm setting process. For example, maybe the earbuds are plugged into the iPhone but aren't in your ears. Apple broadly explained that Artificial Inteligence is used to create the suggestions at both WWDC and the iPhone release event. Time can be slid manually by enabling the “Clock” button on the lower right corner. So, if don’t like the new Action Center icon placement or if you just want to have your clock in its original place, here is how to move the Windows 10 clock to the right-most side of the taskbar. iPhone Icon Guide | iSource What do all the icons on my Motorola RAZR V3c phone mean. red triangle in upper left corner - Samsung Galaxy Forum - Galaxy. Enter your 4-digit passcode. May 15, 2018 · How to Get the Weather on Your iPhone's Lock Screen. Here you can add repeated days option too. Go to the album and click the gear icon in the top right corner and the gear icon in the upper-right corner to search for political ads or issues of national The clock shows a different value for each meeting participant, depending on when they joined. It’s a guide that explains what all of the smaller system icons mean on your iPhone. Here's what they mean. Tap the Badge App Icon toggle switch so it’s off. 03-14-2017 07:52 PM swipe right on your Home Sep 19, 2019 · On iPhone with Face ID swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen. To remove the clock, slide it up to Remove. Over time, your ebook library can grow into an unruly, unmanageable mess Besides, at some point it reverted to the clock, and I never even accessed the orientation lock feature at all. What does the clock mean in the upper right hand corner of iphone red triangle in upper left corner - Samsung Galaxy Forum - Galaxy. While it provides you with shortcuts like the ability to toggle Airplane mode, Bluetooth Dec 12, 2017 · How to Open Recently Closed Tabs in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on iOS tap and hold on the plus icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. What's up. Slide the clock to another part of the screen. May 09, 2019 · On iPhone X and later, only some of the icons appear in the top-left or top-right corner of the screen either side of the notch. Each time you switch or clock in, a new time entry is created for the day. Jun 23, 2019 · Whenever an app is accessing an iPhone’s microphone in the background, a blue circle with a white microphone icon at the center will appear on the upper left corner of the screen, next to the time. Click the plus sign "+" in the upper right corner of the main screen to add a clock, and then enter some random characters in the search bar at the top of the main screen. The app will find a time around your wake up time when you are sleeping your lightest. go to control center. _____ Android [GIF Coming Soon] Steps to Clock In: Select "Clock In How to Set an Alarm on Your iPad Clock Tap the Plus Sign in the upper-right corner. Are you wondering how to use the Safari app because you're not quite sure what the icons mean? Here's a brief overview of the main icons in the iOS Safari app and how to use them. When you use Galaxy S9 home screen landscape mode or any apps in landscape mode, the status bar is also in the top of the screen. TIME Magazine in an easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate format, designed exclusively to fit your iPhone An audio feature that allows you to save and listen to select TIME stories Exclusive photos and videos Social sharing Unlimited access to the TIME archives News from around the world Jun 21, 2019 · To activate this on an iPhone X or later or an iPad with iOS 12 or later, swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen. Normally, if you drag your finger down from the top of the phone, the notifications list will show and some item in the notification list should match up with the icon. Tech Insider tells you all you need to know about Dec 27, 2016 · However, not counting the ever-so-slim “Show Desktop” icon, the right-most corner of the taskbar is traditionally occupied by the Clock. Press and hold the globe icon and select either the left or right Dec 26, 2019 · Here’s how to set up with Echo Dot with Clock, select devices on the bottom menu bar > ‘+’ icon in the upper right corner > Add device > Amazon iPhone and Android. Jan 27, 2016 · The last 2 days when I've been at work, my phone will not let me do anything. First, a quick primer on how to use these. Next up, tap on the plus sign from the top right corner. If you can see the iPhone arrow icon from time to Jun 30, 2017 · On my iPad Pro running iOS 11 beta 2, one of the recently used app icons on the right hand side of my dock (MS OneNote) is appearing with a grey alarm clock badge in the top right corner, something I've not seen before. If your video freezes or there is an echo sound, click the 'Reconnect' button in the upper right in your Clocktree appointment room to refresh the video connection. For example, to archive on an iPhone, i’ll start by: * opening Instagram by tapping on the app ico Sep 27, 2017 · Earlier this month, Apple officially showed off the iPhone X, confirming the notch design, a new webOS-inspired user interface, and more. Move or remove a clock widget. It seems to do nothing, nor do I find a way to make the video full screen, nor an icon for casting. Way 3: Repair iPhone System if the White Dot is System Malfunctioning. Step 6. But you can’t use a cellphone or iPad Wi-Fi + … What does the pad lock icon with the arrow on my iPhone mean? If you're seeing an icon of a padlock surrounded by an arrow in your iPhone's icon bar, it means that your iPhone has rotation lock enabled. To access Control Center on the iPhone X, XS, XR, and the iPad, place your finger in the upper right-hand corner of the display and swipe down. Uncheck it to restore it to the app launcher. We recommend at least 1 MBPS on both download and upload to use Clocktree. Set the following settings, Days of Week Active: Here you can make a selection of days on which you would like the Bedtime feature to work. 0 Pie moved the status bar clock from the right corner to the left to accommodate phones with notches, but there's one major downside for Samsung users: since no Galaxy phones have a notch, all this did was take away space for the notification icons that would otherwise start from the left corner. Sep 23, 2017 · You should check your internet connection, if the clock icon has been there for quite some time. What does this symbol mean? It's not listed in the manual. I’m using iOS 11 public beta 1 and today I’ve noticed an alarm clock badge on the YouTube app. Sep 21, 2018 · Tap on Remove and to save new widget screen tap on Done upper-right corner. Tap Delete icon next to the alarm that you wish to delete. Oct 04, 2014 · So I'm looking into buying an LG G2 from a guy off of a forum. Launch the Clock app on your iPhone. Press and hold the globe icon and select either the left or right Nov 07, 2019 · How to set a timer on your iPhone camera, and take a picture after a brief countdown tap the clock icon at the top of the screen. It was stuck on that symbol all day today and yesterday even though I had 3 bars. Mar 29, 2017 · 7 Kindle tricks for iPhone users. in the lower-right corner of the screen on Passage prediction options are adjustable by taping the settings icon on the upper right. Pick on the Spotify song that you want to set as your iPhone alarm. Go one-handed: iOS 12's QuickType keyboard lets you type one-handed, which is great on the bigger devices like the iPhone XS Max. Click on the clock icon in the upper left corner on your profile Yesterday I got an email from my cousin Jeremy asking me what the little arrow showing up in his iPhone status bar was. In the example screenshots here, we’ll focus on the “Calendar” app which has the cloud symbol next to the app name: Tapping to open the app will cause the app to re-download from the App Store, reinstalling onto the iPhone or iPad. Time: Press the Up or Down arrows to adjust the time to when you want it to sound. However, if you share your screen, the clock displays below the host controls. The icons do the same thing in the iPad Safari app, but may be located in a different part of the screen. Each and every alarm will show a snooze default option and it remains for 9 minutes once. Step #4. Tap the “Alarm” icon. Under Theme, you have four options: Lollipop, Gradient, Dark Gradient, and Flat. If you have not paired your Fitbit device with your mobile phone, read "How to Set Up the Fitbit Tracker" to learn more about how to setup your Fitbit tracker. 3. If you are willing to create an alarm, all you will need to is to click on the Clock app and then click on Alarm and then select the “+” icon located in the upper right-hand corner. This is a handy feature, especially if you travel a lot. Scroll down and select “Hide apps“. When TTY is enabled on iPhone, the TTY icon ( ) appears in the status bar at the top of the screen. If you don't see an icon, check Control Center by swiping down from the top-right corner. For additional information, comments and suggestions please send an e-mail to: Then click on 'Add' at the right upper corner. On iPhone X and later, the essential icons appear in the top-left or top-right corner of the screen. It could be some application you downloaded. Apparently this was lifted from Apple… I want to hunt down the source URL on apple. Click on Sep 19, 2018 · Select the three dots icon located at the upper-right corner, then choose “Home screen settings“. Tap on the World Clock tab from the bottom left corner. If you are seeing a padlock icon on your lock screen, and not in the status bar at the top of your iPhone, then it’s not the portrait orientation lock. Now, you need to tap on the city name which you wish to add. Jun 26, 2017 · iOS 11 Dock makes Handoff worth using again. You can unlock it with your iPhone passcode, your Touch ID, or your Face ID. Prior to the introduction of "the notch," which debuted in the iPhone X and is also found in later iPhone models like the X and XR, iPhone owners who had set an alarm on their phone would see a small clock icon in the upper right hand corner confirming that they had in fact properly set an alarm. May 07, 2016 · Double-check the time is correctly showing in the upper-right corner menu bar clock and in the “Clock” preference panel, and exit out of System Preferences when finished; That is by far the simplest approach to guaranteeing the Mac consistently shows the proper time in the clock and uses the proper date and time with applications. Choose the time and set alarm. If coded poorly, an app could activate the indicator, but neglect to deactivate it in certain circumstances. Connect iPhone to a TTY machine: Go to Settings > Phone and turn TTY on, and then connect iPhone to your TTY machine using the iPhone TTY Adapter. Tap the Menu icon (at the upper-right corner of the screen) > Settings to set Vibration, Alert sound, and Alert volume for the timer. To clock in/out on a smartphone: Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner to navigate to the menu. Clock from anywhere by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and tapping on the clock icon. Why is there a small clock icon in lower left hand corner of lock screen? 03-14-2017 08:30 PM New iphone 5s. You can also access the notifications setting by holding down the Action (upper right) button from any other screen. That badge with the clock means that iOS 11 has learned, using machine learning, that you often open this app at this time of the day, and it is placing it in the dock on the right side, where suggested apps go, to make it easier to launch the app if you truly are about to run the app. it looks like small lock with circle surrounding it? pls advise what this icon is indicating?how to make it disappear? You can select multiple photos on an iPhone using the "Select" command in the Photos app, or by tapping and dragging your finger to select all photos. That padlock icon indicates that the device is locked. Now it displays without the other Clock app buttons across the top. This displays a drop-down menu with a list of all your trackers. That’s it! · Clock-in, Hours of Work, Lunch, and Clock-out settings are initially set to default values · All limits, default values, and time intervals can be adjusted in the settings If ever confused, simply tap the “info” icon in the upper left corner. This is from the User guide. How to use iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as a flashlight; How to change font style and size on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus; How to turn ON and OFF autocorrect on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus 7 . See also: Crescent moon icon? Let’s first describe in what ways this icon appears: an app appears with a little clock on it (see the image above) it appears at the top right of the apps in the dock on the right side on your iPad clock icon on kindle fire, clock symbol on kindle fire, how to get rid of clock icon on notification bar, how to get rid of the clock on rs3, remove clock from upperright andriod, samsung s5 what is the clock symbol on top, what is the clock icon at the top of my android s5, whats does the alarm clock icon on the kindle fire But there is also an icon that looks like an airplane which can appear at the top-left corner of the screen. However, he sent me this picture of the phone running and there is a lock icon in the top left corner. 'What does the half-moon icon mean on an iPhone?': How to turn off Do Not Nov 07, 2014 · What happened to the minimize button on pages you have to mouse to the upper-right corner to get the red box with the X to drop down. Tap the “Alarm” icon at the bottom of the screen. DId you try clicking the Edit button in the upper-right hand corner? I don't use the app so I am not sure what the clock icon is for, but it looks like the ability to update the data might be buried under the edit link in the upper-right. Tap the Cellular icon to turn Airplane mode on. If you want to unarchive your post and bring it back to your profile, you first need to open the photo in your archive. Tap "Save" in the upper right corner. It doesn't matter how long your alarm will ring. Here’s how they work. Click on the options to set your alarm as you want. Here’s your guide to the most common iPhone status icons. Set Up Bedtime Alarm on iPhone; Tap on Options located at the upper-left corner of the screen. Open “Clock App” on the home screen. and tap Done in the upper right-hand corner. Clock In / Out. One is for call forwarding (phone handset icon with an arrow going to the right) and the other is for TTY (phone handset icon sitting on a bunch of little squares). Just the other day a symbol appeared in the right hand corner of my screen right next to the time display. Before you respond, "well, duh!," keep in mind that you may not be able to hear the music playing. Nov 17, 2013 · Strange icon in lower right corner I am also having this icon, but without the red stripe through it. To unassign a user, tap on the blue check mark in the circle and press save. Later, if you decide to restore your posts from archive lists, you can easily get it done. You will know whenever your alarm is on. Mar 05, 2020 · Open your Twitter app and either swipe right or tap on your account icon in the upper left corner. com, so if you find it please send my way 🙂 Apr 26, 2011 · This Site Might Help You. . Update. A side menu will open. Check out your archived posts. When you tap on the clock you have options to have a 3 second or Jan 27, 2016 · To set up the timer, tap on the clock icon second from the right in the upper right hand corner. May 28, 2019 · Use your iPhone's hidden sleep timer to fall asleep soundly. To set the clock, General. Tap "Select" in the upper right corner of Select "Save" in upper right hand corner; Note: Once you switch, you will notice your timer will reset and begin counting from zero. Tap “save” after changing the Open the Clock app and delete all the alarms you have created in the ‘Alarm’ tab and then re-create them again by tapping on the ‘+’ icon in the upper right corner. This icon means that your iPhone in is Airplane Mode, and your Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth connections have all been turned off. The following screenshot is an example of the Galaxy S9 status bar with notification icons on the left and status icons on the right. If the icon is gray, Bluetooth is turned on but no device is connected. ReiBoot is the best iPhone system recovery tool that you can take to get rid of your white dot issue as well as solve many other such related issues with iPhone. Through mentioned above guide, you can add and remove numbers of available widgets. Some iPhone icons are more commonly known, such as the Wi-Fi signal icon, but some, like the Orientation Lock icon, mystify many. You will also be able to assign the task to yourself by moving the slider at the top of the “change assignments page to the right. Note that the location of the clock is usually in the upper right corner of the meeting display. By default, it’s set to Lollipop, which is what you’re seeing above. This wikiHow teaches you how to check the weather on your iPhone by swiping right on the screen when it's locked. If you no longer want a specific alarm, simply tap Edit from the upper left corner of alarm tab. To create a new alarm open the Clock app > Alarm> then tap on the “+” sign in the upper right hand corner. then tap the text-view icon in the upper-right corner. But first, to activate the app, make sure the toggle in the upper right corner is turned on, as shown below. On iPhone 8 and older, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Tap on Delete <number> items and all the photos will be deleted. One of these icons being the arrow in the upper right corner of the screen. Ensure the app you are looking for is not checked in this list. Feb 20, 2020 · Launch the Clock app on your iOS device. One of them has a little alarm clock symbol in the upper right corner of the app icon, where the red circle with a number usually is for apps that have notifications. Dec 25, 2018 · To access the Control Center on the iPhone XR, you have to swipe down on the right-hand side of the notch. If you have a note open on your iPhone Feb 02, 2017 · Hi, I have an iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) running El Capitan and I've been experiencing this already three times: the cursor gets stuck in the upper left corner of the screen and the only thing I could do was a hard reboot by pressing the off button. In the bottom right corner of your lock screen, and in the same spot in your multitasking switcher. Now, thanks to a recent update to Xcode, to beta version 9. Recently I noticed the minimize button is missing. When you tap on the clock you have options to have a 3 second or a 10 second timer. How to unarchive Instagram posts. Tap on the three dots to the right of your icon. I can't find that particular setting on my iPhone Nov 09, 2018 · Simply tap on the app icon with the cloud symbol next to the app name. AT&T U-verse App for iPhone FAQ’s How do I get Favorite Channels to appear in the Favorite Channel Screen? Select the ‘Favorites’ main menu icon, channels tab and edit icon in upper right corner of screen to add TV Channel Aug 25, 2017 · The Extremely Easy Way to See How Much Time You're Wasting on Your Phone. You may have been asking yourself “What is the arrow at the top of my iPhone for?” Well, the iPhone arrow symbol indicates that the system or one of your apps is currently accessing the geo-location of your device. Jan 23, 2020 · While it’s more convenient to use iCloud to back up your iPhone, you can back up your phone to your computer using iTunes and retain full control of your data backups. ) Set in the upper right corner. If the icon is blue, Bluetooth is on and a device (such as a wireless headset or car kit) is connected. The current state of your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection. Photos Oct 12, 2014 · iOS 8 How-to: Use the self-timer in the Camera App. All the icons reviewed can be found along the bottom bar after you open the Safari app on your iPhone. How to Unarchive Instagram Posts on iPhone and iPad. Play indicator. The iPhone's playing music. There is a small status icon that looks like a clock at the upper right corner of the screen. If Passcodes are enabled for Team Management, tap Log In/Out > Clock In/Out on the top-right corner. The icon will turn transparent. I have tried everything I could think to find out what it means and how to get rid of it but havent had any luck searching on Google or on any forums. It's in the upper-right corner of the Fitbit app. Sep 11, 2019 · Yes there is a way to mass archive on Instagram and there is also a way to unarchive items and put them back into your profile to post and to share. Nov 17, 2018 · A small alarm clock icon is seen on top of an App; The icon is located at the top and right corner of the usual App icon; An affected App is located at the far-right side of your iPad’s dock; It is often an App that you did not pin to your dock; There is no specific App or group of apps that this happens with. Your total hours for the day should be shown below the main timer. Android 9. It will have a number in the upper right of the icon indicating how many devices are connected to the hotspot (up to 5). and swiping down from the upper right corner shows the Control Center. How to remove icon with alarm clock in dock? I know it means Siri thinks this is the app I want to use based on the time of day, but it's taking up valuable dock space and I want it gone. It also has four shortcuts across the bottom of the screen, for Alarm, Music, Gallery, and Internet. swipe from bottom to top hard and fast. net. Jan 01, 2019 · Alarm icon not going away on iPhone, how do i get rid of the alarm clock icon, how to remove alarm icon in status bar, iPhone clock icon appear at upper right corner, iPhone alarm clock icon The iPad status bar, which is at the top of the screen, displays tiny icons that provide a variety of information about the current state of your iPad: Airplane mode: You’re allowed to use your iPod on a plane after the captain gives the word. Apr 04, 2019 · Status icons appear in the status bar on your iPhone. By the way, this is good time to act if you realize that you have sent the message to a wrong person! If clock icon changes into single tick, then you will not be able to stop a WhatsApp message. To clock in / out on a tablet: Tap the clock icon in the bottom-right of the Checkout screen > enter your Personal Passcode. Use this tip and share with other iOS users. Tap the green Start button (at the bottom of the screen) to begin the time countdown. RE: an icon appears on top right hand corner of my iphone 4. Looking at the iPhone Guide book and the different types of status icons (icons that appear on the top of area of the screen); I only see two phone icons. Unfortunately, the custom "Carrier Text" feature on Zeppelin failed to register on the jailbroken iPhone SE and iPhone 8 we used to test the tweak on. To activate it on an older device or one not yet updated to iOS 12 The white outline arrow, (could be viewed as a triangle) next to the clock icon, is the Geofencing icon as explained by Asher. Organize your ebooks. You'll see white resize controls around the clock. com. The main menu of the app has a few options, so let’s run through them. Sep 20, 2014 · The upper left hand corner is the notifications area. I've turned off (in the app's settings) siri search and suggestions, and show app. In the upper right hand corner, you'll find a clock icon. On an On your Blaze clock screen, swipe up and make sure notifications are turned on. Choose how long you want to listen to music for — 10 minutes May 08, 2015 · Here's how to switch to the iPhone. It's also worth noting that apps can turn on and off the indicator at will, so it's not a 100% reliable indicator that data is actually being transferred. Step #3. a gray screen comes up with that icon in upper right hand corner. Mar 02, 2020 · Click the icon with your tracker. A lot of this information will be old hat for veteran users, but we're hoping to offer a Jan 30, 2020 · The battery icon in the upper-right corner of the iPhone shows how much power the phone has left. Now I’m wondering why it is there and what does it mean? Right now the badge is just a normal red circle with a 1 inside. How can I unstuck the cursor Tap “save” in the upper right hand corner, when you’re done. If using Square Register, tap Clock In/Out in the upper-left corner. Tap the Cellular icon to turn cellular off